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Momentto Travel is an online boutique travel agency and concierge service. We offer the best deals on bookings and reservations. The process is easy and hassle free. Book an experience through our agency or contact one of our representatives for a personalised tailor made adventure. Give us a budget and we will take care of every aspect, saving you time and money. This means arranging air travel, transportation, accommodations, dining, sight seeing, events and more. We strive to provide excellence in quality and service so that the traveler can relax, be present and enjoy the experience.

Joins us. Its the momentto to make your dreams come true




I am mind, body and soul. Creator, designer and dreamer. By the age of thirty I have already explored the five continents, lived in five countries, mastered two culinary courses, achieved two degrees and conquered a wide range of disciplines. I am passionate about what I do. I am a designer and a stylist for why I want to help you design the adventure of your dreams.

I have a background in design. I studied X in Paris for 6 months, fashion design in Florence at the Escuela Di Medici for a year, graphic design in Venezuela for 3 years and interior design at Parson School of Design in New York for another 3 years. In all my years of education I learned a great amount of information; however, nothing compares to what I have learned and seen in my travels.


After my studies, I decided to take some time off to explore the world further. In the past my trips had come up organically due to my parents. Their appetite for exploration often led to non-organised trips and my siblings and I would end up fighting over dinner reservations, excursions and more. We never knew what to do or where to go and would end up falling for the classic tourist traps. So this time, I decided to dedicate my time and resources to surpass new frontiers and seek for unique adventures, destinations, hotels, restaurants, and much more. I decided to travel to different destinations and experience them like a local and there is where my curiosity to travel, explore and wonder soon translated into a curated Instagram account. Through my account I could provide followers unique tips concocted by my own good taste. The purpose was to give followers the power of knowledge; to inform a broad range of opportunities, experiences and places to visit while on certain destinations.

I wanted to share my knowledge. I wanted others to see and feel like me. It was by exploring the five continents and communicating my thoughts in each destination through Instagram that I realised there was a need in the market for Momentto. I was the momentto make other dreams come true, not just my own. Therefore I combined the academics with the personal. Through extensive research and experience we in Momentto are able to design a unique, personalised trip where there are no fights over where to eat, where to stay, what to do or where to go. Each aspect is taken care off. Ultimately we strive to save the client time, money, stress and the hassle of falling into the classic tourist trap.


With Momentto you just set a budget and let us handle the rest. I can guarantee you will have a truly authentic trip. Our goal is to offer an enjoyable, satisfying service and to continuously provide excellence and quality.

I invite you then to follow me on my journey, to get inspired and to continuously seek for more!

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